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4th Week of Ordinary Time - Wednesday

SMM India
Published by in Weekday Homily · 31 January 2021
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Ist Rea: Heb 12: 4 -15
Gospel: Mk 6: 1-6
Theme: A disciple is a disciplined follower and learner of complete faith from the Master.
The First Reading speaks of the hardship of discipline also the positive effect of going through discipline. Yes, discipline is painful at the time of adopting but it truly a means of educating and making one wiser and stronger. Discipline is a learning device that makes better disciples of our Master-Teacher. Discipline should not be taken as a form of punishment but as a means to better a person so that we might learn from the hardships of life.
The Gospel speaks of the relationship of Jesus with His kith and kin and neighbours in His hometown of Nazareth. The people have probably heard all the great things Jesus has done in other parts of Galilee.  They expect their hometown hero to perform even greater things for them but because of their partial vision of who Jesus is, they did not have faith in Him. This lack of faith about Jesus relationship with His Abba-Father prevents Jesus from doing except a few simple healings. The quality of faith and discipline both are important in the life of a disciple of the Lord Jesus. Discipline is the means of learning from the experiences one endures, especially the ones of pain and misunderstanding from the others who reject our faith relationship who with our Master-Teacher. I am reminded of what one of my spiritual directors told me.  He said every experience in our life especially those challenging and painful ones can be sources of blessing. He explained that what we go through in our lives enables us to be more faithful to the Master-Teacher and also be more compassionate when we deal with others who are going through similarly experince. Because we endure our challenging moments with faith (such as the pandemic, financial issues, and relational difficulties) we are able to reach out to others when they go through similar challenges. we can help edify and support those whom we meet on our journey of faith.

Bro. Martin SMM

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