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2nd Week of Ordinary Time - Friday

SMM India
Published by in Weekday Homily · 17 January 2021
Tags: W.H.41
22nd January, Friday
I.    Heb 8: 6-13
II.   Mk 3: 13-19
Theme: An invitation to be a part in His Mission.
Dear Friends, Jesus Summoned Those whom he wanted he has chosen us and he needs our assistance in the great work of Evangelization. Jesus even though is powerful has willed that we collaborate with him in his plan of salvation. He makes use of our free and responsible in order to carry out his plans. Therefore, even though human being is a creature of very limited possibilities every person can achieve truly unimaginable things when the person lives and works for God. The Lord calls us by Name. Christ does not randomly choose us to collaborate with him in the mission of Evangelization. He knows everyone of us. He knows us better than we know of ourselves and out of love he invites us to be with him. He calls us by name because he knows how great the gift is that he wishes to share with us. Christ doesn’t call us just to enjoy the present life. He has created us for a purpose. He has given each and every one of us a specific vocation that only we can fulfil. No one can replace us there will never be another me. The opportunity that we have to share in this friendship with Our Lord is an invitation to do something with him and for him. Christ’s love for us invites and summons us to collaborate with him. Who can resist an invitation to collaborate with someone so great, and with an offer so challenging and yet so fulfilling? So, my dear friends the Lord wishes to enter into a friendship with every one of us. He has called us by name to be his friend. So today let us promise the Lord that we want to continue his mission and do our part.
Bro Martin SMM

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